224 Valkyrie 22″ Match Upper with BCG


  • 224 Valkyrie Caliber
  • 22″ SS 1:6.8 HBAR Match Barrel
  • Aero Precision Upper Receiver (hand lapped)
  • Nitride MPI BCG (Included)
  • 15″ Shore Tactical Light weight Mlok hand guard
  • Rifle gas system
  • Standard charging handle
  • Shore Tactical big foot charging handle
  • Helius Tactical 1776 Brake

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The Valkyrie is here to stay and quickly growing in popularity for good reason!
Each upper features a 22″ 1:6.8 SS Match barrel which is installed onto an Aero precision upper receiver that has been lapped to insure plumb alignment with the barrel extension. The rifle length .750 gas system uses a steel Nitride gas block that has also been hand fitted to make sure of proper gas system function. Other features include my new Shore Tactical honeycomb style 15″ mlok hand guard, Nitride BCG, charging handle with the big foot latch and stainless steel six port brake.
I personally assemble each of these uppers and care is given as if I where building them for my own collection. My MOA or better promise is my commitment to quality. Using match or premium ammo there should be no problem getting this 22″ upper to shoot an inch or under at 100 yards (some of which is up to your skills and lower components).<br><br>
**Testing with factory and from the great customer feedback we have found that Hornady 88g Amax Match in the red and white box is the most accurate.
However if you have any problems and wish to contact me please feel free and I will work with you one on one to get any issues resolved.


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