458 Socom Complete 10.5″ Upper w/magazine

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  • 458 Socom Caliber
  • 10.5″ Nitride Heavy Barrel
  • .936 Carbine length gas system
  • Nitride Bolt Carrier Group
  • MWI 10″ Mlok Free Float hand guard
  • NEW “Big Foot” Charging Handle

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Socom…..458 Socom…..
Well for those of you that do here it is! The 10.5″ nitride barrel uses a .936 gas system and is shrouded by Midwest Industries over sized hand guard.
The multi port tanker brake aids in taming the recoil as much as possible. Included with my Shore Tactical charging handle featuring the big foot latch.
Included is a 10 round E-Lander magazine.
This upper is sure to get some stares at the range!

Don’t forget I also sell premium 458 Socom ammo from XCaliber!

This upper has substantial recoil so please be prepared.
While I have attempted to weed out any functionality issue with these doing much testing I have found that there variables that may need to be adjusted in order to achieve a perfectly running rifle.
Some magazines will just not function properly and having a 458 Caliber specific magazine is very helpful.
Most lower setups will work with this upper, however I would not recommend using a poly lower with this rig. Adjusting buffer and spring weight maybe necessary.
If you have any questions please feel free to email me and I can talk to you about any upper you might have a question with.


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