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  • Military SurplusMatching numbers on main external parts
  • Original military issue Chinese Type 56 SKS
  • 7.62×39 caliber
  • 10 round non detachable box mag
  • Folding Bayonet
  • Collectable Chinese markings Factory 26″ Jianshe Arsenal
  • NRA Antique Firearm Rated Fair to Good Condition
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Original Military issue Chinese Type 56 SKS rifles in 7.62×39 caliber with 10 round built in mag, featuring hardwood stock, folding bayonet. This rifle has seen active combat so its in used condition, NRA rated Fair to Good. Please keep in mind this SKS rifle is Military Surplus, not trophy rifles. Stock sets have dings, but all will be solid and serviceable. Metal parts have some bluing worn off  ,but it has a good bore and is function rifle. We have not seen these rifles in the country for the last 20 or more years and may not see them again, adding collect ability to these interesting firearms. Main external numbers will match the receiver, Stock, Bolt, bolt carrier and dust cover if they are marked . Overall these are cool and collectible Chinese SKS rifles with a lot of history behind them and a  great addition to any collection. If you are looking for a Chicom SKS with battle character and flavor this will fit your needs, they have been very popular with Vietnam war collectors and reenactors. These rifles have been in storage for several years and will be coated in Cosmoline for protection. You will need to thoroughly clean the rifle and interior of the barrels before firing.
This listing is for the rifle pictured in the images and has had the outside cleaned. The bore will need to be cleaned before firing.

**The rifle in the images is the one that will ship to you**

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