Shore Tactical AR15 Lubricant 2oz

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I’ve been asked by customers for years what lube I use on my ARs. And its difficult to answer because I don’t have a product that I indorse. Over the years of working on ARs I’ve taken advise from more experienced Armors and some of my own in shop knowledge and through trial and error stumbled across a good solution I use on my own bench. If you ever been in my shop you can see its a grimey little bottle that’s been around for years that I keep refilling.  Has it been lab tested? No. Have I been using it for years in my AR15 and AR10 rifles? You bet.  Its not overlay temperature sensitive but it will vary depending on outside operating temperature and storage. Like with ANY lubricant you should test it in your rifle to make sure its a good fit and functions as desired. I’ve mixed up a handful of bottles of extra with what I had on hand. I’m not looking to mass produce this stuff but if your looking to try it out these squeezy bottles are 2oz and should keep you going for a bit or at least give you the opportunity to test it out.

*Not for consumption. If accidently ingested please seek Immediate medial assistance*


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